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Festival Map.eu - The Map of European Music Festivals

Wouldn't it be great if we could see all of the music festivals taking place in europe in one place? Ideally on a map?

...this is what made us make FestivalMap.eu, we wanted to see music festivals in europe without boundaries, we wanted to scope out the best new places to hear amazing music and dance with our buddies, new lands to explore, new countries to pitch our tent. And what do you know - we did it! So here is our tool, our map of festivals in europe, hopefully it will be of some help to you when you are looking for a new place to party!

We have a goal for FestivalMap.eu...

We want to share our festival map with the world (well Europe to start with) - we want everyone to see that while there is great music being performed in our own countries there is also so many more choices than we imagine - why not take in a new country, new culture and try a festival in another place?

Lets share this, lets let everyone intermingle and bring the spirit of music-festivals online. Lets use this map to unite us in our search for good music, good fun and amazing experiences. Help us by sharing this with your friends, talk about it at the pub or even better: Share it on facebook or tweet it now!

Ways to help spread the word:
  • Talk about FestivalMap.eu down the pub, use big hand movements
  • Tell your mates via facebook, suggest hitting a festival on the continent!
  • Tell your nan
  • TWEET IT! ( )
Seriously though, thanks for sharing Festival Map.eu guys, have an AMAZING festival!